Jacek Czerwieniec

A lot of my clients, both men and women, come to me to deal with their feeling of low self-esteem. Or with an outright different difficulty, which after some time turns out to derive from that root cause. Why do they come to me? Maybe because I myself had a sense that I was not worthy of acceptance and love for a very long time. Or maybe because this is such a basic issue neglected to such an extent that a lot of people – more or less consciously – need improvement in that area exactly. If you are interested, I write about it more extensively here. Feel welcome to visit me in my office as well if you need support in your struggles. Of course, not only when you lack self-esteem.

What psychotherapy means to me

To me, psychotherapy itself is a meeting of two people who can open up between each other in a safe atmosphere and mutual trust and, seeing their otherness, try to experience the reality differently than so far, express emotions adequately and expand self-awareness and the effects of their behaviours. I see it as one of the ways leading to answers to the following question: “Who am I?”, “How am I?”, “What do I really need?” and “How can I satisfy my needs?”. Not until you learn this are you equipped with an opportunity to truly improve the quality of your life. I view my task as a psychotherapist in supporting you in this process. In making you realise that you already have everything that is necessary. You only need to use your resources, at the same time resigning from consolidated, but already not useful behaviours. In my work, I use the standard Gestalt methods, dialogue, different types of experiences and visualisations.

My qualifications

I am a certified Gestalt psychotherapist. I acquired my psychotherapeutic qualifications during a four-year training held in the Gestalt Institute in Cracow (GI – formerly the Gestalt Therapy Institute). I took my clinical internship in the Warsaw psychiatric hospital at Nowowiejska Street. I devoted several years to my own psychotherapy. I also have an entirely different stage of my life behind myself – for over a dozen years I followed the corporate path of career, which experience currently helps me better understand the world of my clients. For the most part, I provide short- and long-term individual psychotherapy of adults as well as therapy for couples. I undergo regular supervision in my work.

Feel welcome to meet me and start to make changes in your life.

Cost of an individual session – PLN 230

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