We provide psychotherapy

As part of short- and long-term psychotherapy of adults, we work both with individual clients and with couples. There is also a possibility of undergoing a single consultation and psychoeducational sessions. Moreover, we offer psychotherapy for children at the school age and teenagers. The sessions are usually held once a week.

We offer you psychotherapeutic support if:

  • you experience frequent problems in romantic relationships and relations with others
  • you suffer from a low or unstable self-esteem
  • your emotions often get out of control
  • you live in constant stress
  • you struggle with a chronic disease
  • the feeling of emptiness and the no meaning of life are themes well known to you
  • you want to understand yourself and your life choices better
  • you have a need for developing your potential.
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As you probably know, there are a lot of modalities and approaches employed in contemporary psychotherapy. If you are interested in this topic, you can find more information on our websites and in the specified sources. As regards our education, we provide psychotherapy in the Gestalt modality and the psychodynamic modality. Integration of both modalities is key to us – you can read about it in a separate text.


Nevertheless, when you decide to start psychotherapy, you have to remember about the regularity that it is not the modality that determines the effectiveness of psychotherapy, which has been confirmed by many available studies. More significant is the relationship between you and the psychotherapist you choose for cooperation. More about it here. What is more, is a frequently followed practice to integrate in work some elements characteristic of other modalities – if this is justified by the current need and good of the client. This is an approach we adhere to as well.


One of the leading approaches in humanistic-existential psychotherapy

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The working technique of psychodynamic therapists is driven by universal convictions

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Integration of both

Both draw from psychoanalysis and have specific techniques of work and theoretical frameworks.

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Our opinion is that the peculiar beauty

and magic of psychotherapy do not have

to be at odds with the scientific approach

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