Małgorzata Pięta

My qualifications

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology at the Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Warsaw. I am working on a doctoral project in the Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw. In addition, I am going through a comprehensive psychotherapeutic training attested by the Psychotherapy Scientific Section and the Family Therapy Scientific Section of the Polish Psychiatric Association.

I have gathered my clinical experience in such places as the ReGeneRacja Centre, the Prophylaxis and Treatment Clinic at the Voivodeship Infectious Disease Hospital, the Hanna Segal Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies and the Clinic at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw. I have experience in individual work with adults, children and young people and in work with psychotherapeutic groups.

I am active in several research teams and I am the author and co-author of scientific articles on clinical psychology and health psychology.

What psychotherapy means to me

For me, psychotherapy first and foremost means a method of treating mental difficulties and an opportunity for a change in one’s development path, which allows taking advantage of possibilities not available before. This happens through the experience of deep contact with another human being, which may bring about change and help find solace in mental suffering.

My work method

I work in the psychodynamic modality. I subject my work to supervision. I enrich my work using up-to-date scientific knowledge.


Short- and long-term individual psychotherapy, including psychotherapy in the English language. I work with adults, adolescents and children at the school age.

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