Marcin Rzeszutek

“Modern man lives under the illusion that he knows what he wants – while he actually wants what he is supposed to want.”

Erich Fromm

My qualifications

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist and psychologist who combines clinical practice with research in the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy. I graduated from the School of Trainers and Psychotherapists at the Gestalt Institute (IG; formerly the Gestalt Therapy Institute – ITG) in Cracow. I have a Gestalt psychotherapist certificate issued by IG, a European Certificate of Gestalt Psychotherapy (EAGT) and a European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP), which allows me to practice psychotherapy in most European Union countries. I have gained clinical experience, among others during two internships at the Independent Provincial Complex of Public Psychiatric Healthcare Institutions in Warsaw at ul. Nowowiejska 27 and the Association for Families in Warsaw. Striving for continuous professional development and improving my psychotherapeutic qualifications, I regularly supervise my work and participate in various trainings, workshops and conferences for psychotherapists and psychologists.

What psychotherapy means to me

For me, psychotherapy is mostly an experience leading to deeper understanding of oneself and one’s own life. In particular, this is a process where the psychotherapist accompanies you in your quest for your life path, by engaging their focus, knowledge and emotions. They respect your individuality, your unique way of experiencing yourself and the world. This is why the therapist does not impose their vision of the world and does not give simple recipes for happiness – which is particularly important in today’s world, which is invaded by “pop psychology” and a lot of pseudoscientific rubbish. The psychotherapist knows the scope of their competences, yet takes care of continuously developing them at the same time, i.e. they do not give their opinion on every single topic (cf. “celebrity therapists”), attends trainings for psychotherapists and subjects their work to supervision on a regular basis.

My work method

If you are struggling with a personal crisis, do not cope with your own emotions or have problems with relations with others, I invite you to an authentic Gestalt meeting where you will have an opportunity to look at what is limiting your growth. In my work, I use the Gestalt modality, which helps the individual develop their own potential and discover new, unknown aspects of themselves. To put it briefly and to refer to Erich Fromm’s words cited above, my main task as a psychotherapist is to accompany you in the process of understanding what you really want and what you strive for in your life.


Short- and long-term individual psychotherapy, including psychotherapy in the English language. In addition, I provide a training therapy for students of the School of Trainers and Psychotherapists of the Gestalt Institute and other Gestalt schools in Poland.

Cost of an individual session – PLN 250

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