Two faces of the trauma of living with HIV

For over a decade, we have been investigating the psychosocial functioning of people infected with HIV. We study both the dark sides of HIV, in the form of trauma and disorders induced by posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the paradoxical bright sides of living with HIV, in the form of the phenomenon of posttraumatic growth (PTG: “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”). We have recently published the first Polish website on scientific studies into the well-being of people with HIV/AIDS in Poland (, where you can find more information on this topic (and other ones as well) and read our publications in this area.

We are implementing a scientific project financed from the funds of the National Science Centre, PRELUDIUM 19 (project title: “Posttraumatic growth among HIV-infected people: Longitudinal study in two time perspectives;” project no.: 2020/37/N/HS6/00046).

We invite all HIV-infected people to fill out our questionnaire. Your participation in this study not only will help us better understand the mental functioning of HIV patients, but will also let us start further studies aiming to develop the first psychotherapeutic methods in Poland for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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